Beauty School Here I Come

Today it is January 5, 2011. I am actually on my way to go to real estate school but had a "AHA moment. A life changing moment where I am just clear with my mind and heart. You see I have always done what everyone expects from me. Even if that meant saying goodbye to a part of me I know to be true.

Well after being in a class for real estate school for awhile I realized I spent a good portion of the class determining what laws protect me and the consumer, profits, accuracy of measurements, state laws, requirements... but I said to myself where is the joy in helping someone find a home. I mean is that not one of the biggest moments in someones life? Is that no longer a joy? Or has it been reduced to a job, a function and a profit.

Well while I still love helping someone find a home I just didn't love the career for myself. I was tired of being a "sales person". I wanted to be in a customer service field where I can actually make a difference in someones life. So I droove myself to Miller-Motte Tech College.

I know.. where did you get that from :) Well after much soul searching I realised I wanted to be in a field where it was more of a ministry to help people. So I thougth to myself who can I help? Who does my heart flow to? And it was simply to help women. So I signed up today to go to school to be an Esthetician!!

I am so excited about this new journey!! I am little scared I must admit but the power of the decision outweights the fear.

I will keep you posted all the way!!