Education is Key

I truly believe online education can only get you so far. A professional educational class setting truly inspires you to visualize your own professional career. I enjoy being actively involded in my education. From asking elite professionals questions to learning new styles and advanced learning techniques in a class setting.

This is one of those classes.

Miller-Motte College in Fayetteville, NC 2011.

Image Skin Care advanced product training and chemical peels training by teacher Gayle Praechtl. She is a Aesthetic Teacher, Massage and Body Work Therapist, NCEA certified, NCA member and just a delight to work with.

Sometimes when we decide to be a makeup artist we forget that makeup feels better on great skin and understanding the skin and how to care for it makes your makeup career that much better.

If you want to be a makeup artist or esthetician or even a mom who wants to just feel beeter; it is so important to stay current on the latest beauty and science news and education gets you there.