All Diets Work

All Diets Work.

Yes, I know how can I write such a thing. Blasphemy some may say. But in actuality all diets work for what they are created; a temporary fix. Diets are a beautiful band-aid that eventually gets ripped off to reveal a bigger wound. But how do we stick to the new body when the gimmick has worn its purpose? What to do, what to do.

So I say let’s change the beginning. If we are looking for life long healthy changes let’s begin with the preparation. “A” must come before “B” right?

What is the beginning you might say? Well it’s you; the force that will cause the body to move like never before and love yourself like never before.

So let’s begin.

Shop. Yes, shopping. Invite yourself to feel sexy, alive, and well you. The best friend that you once loved and shared all of you with and that now is tucked away in a box called memories. Know that if you treat yourself it develops new patterns of thinking that tell you “I am worth it”.

Pray. Renew yourself. Have you been stuck in well, a routine? Develop one that benefits you. Praying inspires you to begin anew every day; which is great because you will have bad days. Praying also invites you to get refreshed in your thinking. So when the kids call and the work load never ends you will have been refreshed and better prepared to deal with it since you began your day refreshed.

Bath Time. Yes, bring out the rubber ducky. You will be quite surprised when you look around and see that sometimes we do not look too hot. Yes, how many of us have gone to pick up the kids in shirts that should be thrown away but we wear it anyways. But you say “I do not have time with the kids and all”. Well invite them to the party. Yes, invite them all. I just had a beautiful baby girl and after awhile I had the revelation she wanted mommy all the time. Well I said let’s buy some gentle lavender bath items and to bathe we go. She sleeps well after and mommy smells yummy all day. And when mommy smells yummy mommy feels yummy.

Share these simple tips to invite a renewal of the spirit and mind. For these are the fundamentals of any “diet” preparation.


Always inviting, your friend Gretchen