Rekindle the Beauty Space

Beauty is defined as the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind or a meaningful design of which spiritual qualities are manifest.

Well I find it hard to believe anyone who creates a chaotic beauty space can feel true beauty when it is cluttered, unorganized, and not beautiful.

Not Pretty
I hear many of my YouTube and beauty guru friends say that sometimes they do not go into their spaces and have even created a second beauty room to actually get ready in. I say "huh"? They have simply been overrun by bad makeup, clutter, and disorganized chaos.
To that I say share the beauty. Friend those who friend you :) Have weekly give-a-ways with your online friends, have contest, or better yet donate to your local women's shelter. They could use the makeup to go on those interviews after beginning again after a abusive relationship or devastation. It is a beautiful act that creates a deeper beauty in you. Once you have shared the beauty here are some easy tips to create a beauty space that inspires, rejuvenates and truly makes you feel beautiful.
1 - Think outside the vanity box. Vanities can be purchased anywhere. Even where you buy your food but create a makeup space that is a little more creative then something mass produced. Vintage desk, poker table, buffet table, or a old vanity.
This is my vanity. It is a great piece I found while shopping old vintage and antique shops. Something I just love to do to find unique finds for my office and home. Try it sometime it is fun.
2 - Break the glass box. We have all purchased those candles that come in jars. You know those 2 for $10 but are they beautiful? I personally don't think so. I prefer a great candle and something beautiful to hold it. Just like these great pillar holders. I just love a space with great lighting. It helps me create a flawless face plus it makes me feel sexy too. 
3 - Find your guru. I find many people spend a lot of time and energy on things that don't really edify, inspire, or rejuvenate them and yet they wonder why they do not have the desire to take care of themselves. Well I say find your Molly Ringwald :) Who is that person who reminds you of just being a girl? Who brings out your desire to be feminine even though you been home all day cleaning, taking care of kids, or just not feeling too sexy.
Well for me its Molly Ringwald or Sarah Jessica Parker. Who is yours?
I hope these tips inspire you to create a wonderful space to feel and be beautiful in.
Kindly, Gretchen