Stella and Dot - Celebrity Looks for Me and You :)

I truly believe every women needs three basic things for self. A healthy outlook, self love, and a great closet.

It is a funny thing how often we over extend ourselves for others and find we do not deserve to give ourselves the same energy. IT it truly a sad mental concept. 

One of those negative thoughts we need to break is - giving ourselves beauty.

Buying ourselves something pretty is part of the monthly shopping list.

One of those must have beauty finds in Stella and Dot.

Stella and Dot is a celebrity coveted fashion line affordable for all women. That necklace your seeing on the red carpet? Stella and Dot has it :)

Affordable? Yes, oh yes!!

So budget it into your monthly grocery list if things are tight and stop buying that fancy coffee. Remember you can make that fancy coffee at home. And anyways it taste so much better in a comfy robe :) Promise.