Navigating the Makeup Counter

The counter can be a not so beautiful place when the joy and fun of the beauty shopping experience is overtaken by confusion.

Here are some simple ideas of navigating the beauty counter on your next beauty adventure:

Plan - Yes, having a plan eliminates the pressure because it invites you to look for something in particular and then find treasures along the way. For example if I am needing a bronzer for the Summer I have a plan to compare those products and if I find a lipstick or two along the way it was a pretty treat.

Check the Drugs First - No not those drugs but the drug store. Drug stores although they do not always have sample counters they do have shoppers peace. Which simply means you can shop by yourself and not worry about salespersons bombarding you with products you don't needs or perfume. You just simply take your time and enjoy the experience.

Remember the buddy system - Bringing along a friend eliminates the pressure of feeling you have buy everything or anything at all. It is just two friends hanging out looking at girly stuff.

And lastly watch your favorite makeup gurus and see what they recommend. Remember they have already done the shopping and testing for you. See what they say and draw out a list of items you want to try within your budget and go have fun at your makeup counter.