Holidays for Two

There is a great sense of beauty when you discover you can create new memories for those lost. It is a beautiful feeling to have that gift of renewal. Although sometimes it's hard to except that gift.

In time it does become easier when you realize you are not alone on your quest.

That is my wish for the single mom. 

To simply understand you can not change the past, you can not change the fact that the kids have two holidays but what you can do is create new holidays, new special days, and new memories. 

One thing I do is celebrate Renaissance day - a day of new beginnings. It is a day I created to mark the day we became a single family. A day to simply remember the new life, the new memories, the beauty of the new moment and not the bad. 

Every year I doll up the kids, put on my favorite dress, bring out the silverware, linens, fresh flowers, candles, centerpiece, make everyones favorite dish and enjoy the moment with your kids. 

That is beauty. 

It takes courage to face the new, to decide to move on, and to create a new. 

That my sisters is beautiful.