Makeup Vanity with Personality

We spend a lot of money buying our favorite makeup and beauty products, organizing our colors, buying that perfect lighting but the vanity tends to get no love. We buy that plain white thing with the drawers that is grossly mass produced but where is our style?

How about visiting your antique stores to find something uniquely you. Or better yet get crafty and buy some great paint and lace?

Here is a look at my latest revamp to my makeup area.

 Here is a great find at my local antique store. A little bit of paint to give it that vintage shabby chic look, a couple great mirrored pillar holders, and a little bench to sit and be girly. How cute?
This is my video area where I film and edit my beauty reviews. What do you think? A little pink paint, cute fabric and lace trimming at your local craft store, a staple gun, and a couple of tools and presto you created a great makeup space that is uniquely you.
This weekend before you buy any more beauty products remember to check out your craft store and invest into the area that makes you pretty. It needs beauty too.