Fashion App Review - Sass

I am always in search for the latest and greatest of all things beauty and fashion. I must admit sometimes I just happen to trip over them. That was the case with Sass.

Sass is a Fashion App that allows you to trade or shop with others fashionistas. Sounds fun huh? I mean its like high school all over again. You get to trade that dress for those shoes. Or maybe update your makeup collection for some jeans. I think genius and where have you been all my life.

Oh wait a minute.

Here is the catch - there is nothing safe guarding you from theft. You will go in only with the assumption that once you connect with a person, agree on a trade, send your address and contact information, send your items with tracking, and then your left with your fingers crossed  hoping that the person on the other end will do the same. Nothing guarantees the person will send their part of the deal. As I unfortunately found out myself.

Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of great people of there. I made two transactions that merit a reward but the one that took my items was just too much to bare. I contacted Sass to no avail. Even warned that the person was still on the app doing the same thing to others but yet no response.

Needless to say I have deleted my account (after much hardship with Sass to do so) and have gone on my way.

Sass has a good concept but it is plagued with bad formats that will cost you big.

So from one savyy shopper to another skip Sass and try Poshmark or Vinted instead for all your fashion buying and selling needs.

Until next time... remember shopping is supposed to be fun. Shop smart and enjoy.