Review - The Jolly VoxBox from Influenster

My latest and greatest fashion, beauty, and home addiction comes from my new connection with Influenster. If your not in tuned with the latest Influenster is a amazing way to transform your social addictions into true rewards. I am talking all of us fancy fashionistas and trendsetters all in one place sharing, rating, and changing the face of products by our opinions. Yes, how amazing is that. Rewards for what we do anyways. So needless I am a rating queen since joining. I now have a voice for all the times I used a product and had a thought about the quality, packaging, how better to use it, and how to help others make better financially decisions too. Win win.

On my latest rating frenzy on Influenster I qualified for the amazing Jolly VoxBox of 2013. I said hurrah!! I was not sure what to expect but I was excited about the opportunity to invest my energy into project I can have a voice in. Something truly honorable and not something I take lightly.

So here are my finding:

Box contents - Puff Plus Lotion Tissues, NYC HD Color Trio EyeShadow in Long Beach Sands, Duck Duck Tape, Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in Luna, and Nestles Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates in Peanut Butter Crème.

Nestle Divine Filled Chocolates in peanut Butter Crème are a yummy only 130 calorie treat. Now I know what your thinking "does a low calorie candy taste as good as it sounds"? I say yes. Oh heavens yes. It is the creamiest milk chocolate candy filled with a soft velvety peanut butter crème that truly melts in your mouth and leaves you feeling truly satisfied and quilt-free. I highly recommend this decadent indulgent yet quilt-free pleasure.

Duck Duck Tape. Tape how can tape be cool? Well if you love makeup you know we are always looking for ways to organize our collection and with Duck Duck Tape it is a fun creation waiting to happen. Take a box tape it your favorite fabrics and tape designs to make a box all your own. Remember tape is not longer just clear. They comes in many colors and patterns. The options and designs are endless. Tape a picture frame to create a new look all your own and even check out the ducktivities section on the Duck Tape website for more fun creative ways to decorate any project.
As a lover of makeup I was truly always in search for realistic budget friendly yet great quality products. Well I always find that in NYC New York Color. Today I have the pleasure of talking about the NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow in Long Beach Sands. A perfect blend of brown tones to create a daily soft feminine look to a bold evening party look in one lasting, pigmented and beautiful palette.
NYC created a perfect blend in this palette with a highlighter, lid color and crease color that perfectly balance the beauty of any women's eyes. Truly highly recommend this budget friendly beautiful shadow trio. You can find it at most drugstores and shops near you.

Another beauty favorite I had the pleasure of experiencing is the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in Luna. A soft nonsticky lasting lip lacquer that just hugs your lips in softness and shine. A longlasting kiss me lip color that leaves no room for sadness. It is truly a confident gals lips best friend. Truly love it. Wearing it as we speak.
Lastly Puffs Plus Lotion. You know all women and men truly love this product and it is a must for any gym bag, purse, diaper bag, work case, and school backpack. So when I found it in my 2013 Jolly VoxBox I said "Merry Christmas to me". I am a fan, have been a fan and will continue to be a fan.
 My overall rating of the Influenster 2013 Jolly VoxBox is that is it a hit. The products have your budget, our economy, our quality standards, and our happiness in mind. Every product is highly recommended and praised by this mother of four, fashionista, and picky shopper.
Until next time .... remember shopping is supposed to be fun. Do you research and shop with love.