Top Non-Beauty Items Every Women Should Have

Sometimes we simply associate beauty with people and products but what about our homes? If our space is a reflection of who we are then our areas should be beautiful right?

Here are some must have items we all should own.

Vanity - You have heard me say this before if your a fan to my page but I cant stress this one enough. We all spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products, spa products, and yummy nail colors. So why place them on something boring, uneventful, and plastic like? Buy a great vanity that screams I love my place in beauty. It does not have to be expensive. Now a days there are so many creative ways to build a vanity. Old dressers, poker tables, a desk, craft table or simply a vanity at a yard sale can all be repurposed with a little paint, fabric, and a couple of candle jars... and wa la you got a unique space individually you.

Candles - Do I really need to say why? Fragrance invites us to feel calm, relaxed, energized, and the lighting create a inviting ambience to any room. So why not the space you feel the most beautiful?

Bookshelves - Yes, bookshelves are not for books only you know? You can add your favorite beauty and inspirational books, extra candle stock, beauty products, and your favorite pictures to truly create a big girl space that says.... I love beauty and I got the smarts to prove it.

Collectible - Have unique pieces in your space that say you have a story, you have memories, you love, and want to live for something bigger. So when those bad time come (which they do) you have things around you to remind you of the things that matter most.

I personally collect vintage makeup cases and large basket. Like this 1960's picnic basket filled with collectibles given to me by my mom and some antiques collected with my daughters. Truly great memories.

Towels, Bedding and Linens - Nothing ties together a space like linens. It creates softness, warmth, a sense of  femininity that is truly unmatched and makes a space say "I am home". Soft cotton towels to take off our makeup, that comforter to lie down in and watch some tv, or that linen that drapes on so gently across our family to break apart the colors. All say warm, beautiful space.


Bathroom - Yes, our bathroom must be beautiful. It is where we spend a lot of time. If we like to admit it or not. We bathe, we do our hair, we wash our faces, and we prep for the day. Is that not the foundation of beauty? So add some soft colors, flowers, pretty towels, candles, or anything to create a space worth starting the day.

Comfy Blanket - I cant tell you how many times I sit with my youngest daughter on my lap in my comfy quilt and just relax. The reenergizing of my soul truly invites the beauty of my life to really shine through. I encourage you to take a moment to just enjoy the beauty of your life and those around you.

Chair - Yes, a simple chair you can just sit in and be calm, enriched with a great book, sip that coffee or simply read a magazine. It is a place that allows us to create a space in our minds to grow and resolve the day. It doesn't have to be fancy. It simply was to be beautiful.

Remember the greatest contribute to your happiness is you. So create happiness, and beauty all around you.

Love, Gretchen