Favorite Makeup Brushes

So your watching your favorite beauty gurus on YouTube and they have these flawless makeup applications and use these amazing brushes to achieve the looks. Then on day you decide to look up the brushes and you say to yourself "did that one brush cost $50?" I know that is unrealistic.

Well guess what ladies I dug a little deeper and found amazing quality brushes for only a fraction of the cost. Yes, a fraction!!

It's called the Pop Art Brush Set by BHCosmetics. A 10 piece essential makeup brush collection nestled in the coolest brush caddy. Only $24.95. Yes only $24.95 and not only one brush but 10. All the essential brushes you need to create your own flawless makeup looks.

Open with brushes

You can use it to display your brushes on both ends too
Closed caddy

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