Shopping Used Online

As women we are always in search of ways on how to maximize our beauty and fashion budgets and now with all those apps and websites is it possible to be free of guilt shopping. Hurrah!!

But remember you still need to shop smart and don't fall prey to bad shopping experiences.

Here are some tips to avoid shoppers regret.

1 - Ask Questions - You will be surprised what you have to make clear when shopping. For example I purchased a perfume by Vera Wang called Princess. A gift for my daughter. Its her favorite. I found one on Poshmark for a great price. When it got to me I noticed the fragrance had been diluted and the color of the fragrance lighter then the usual darker purple. I was shocked and truly disappointed. Needless to say when I buy off sites where I buy directly from people I ask "is the fragrance inside the original undiluted fragrance"? So ask ask ask. Even if it seems like a common sense question. Don't assume anything and don't assume they will credit you either if there is a mistake. So ask about returns, shipping, item details, and anything you can think of that will ensure you make it a amazing shopping experience.

2 - Return Policies - Don't assume that all shops, vendors and sites offer the same shipping policies. Ask how are the returns made? Are you required to pay for your own return shipping? Is there a time limit when a item can be returned? If so does it start when I receive the item? Asking the right questions ensures happiness from beginning of the transaction to the end of the return.

3 - Size - Yes, size matters. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I once purchased a Coach perfume and I got a sample instead. Yes, a sample. I was shocked when I opened by big ole box and found a tiny gift I truly over paid for. So please ask, read the fine print, and never assume.

4 - Picture - Unfortunately sometimes you have to make sure what is pictured is actually what you are getting. Don't assume you are getting the same earrings pictured. You may be receiving another stock item that may not have the same quality, or even color.

I simply share my silly blunders in hopes that it prevents you the same frustration. These are just a couple ideas on what to look for but I hope it gives you some ideas on what to watch out for.

Until next time.

Love, Gretchen