5 Minute Makeover

So you have 5 minutes. Hubby is coming soon, your going out, and you need just a little touch up. Well in just five minutes you can transform your look from stay at home cute to a sexy put together women.

Here is how.

Nails - Yes, is to easy to overlook the one thing you showcase most often but it too needs upkeep. One of the products I have discovered to aid that is the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails. They come in different lengths and styles but whatever you choose you will look like you are pimped and primed and ready for a night out.


Eyes - The most critical part of you because it is so tied into the obvious appeal of who you are. It tells if you tired, sad, and a hot mess. So doll them up with a quick coat of mascara. It makes your eyes look awake, youthful, and says I am happy. And that is always a sexy thing.

Fragrance - Hubby does not want to smell the kids, food, and the dog on you. As much as he may love them. And honestly it is not fair to make him do so. Find that fragrance that he once loved or buy a new one to intrigue him. Either way. Show him you want to say hello.
Bring pulled together is simply beautiful. It truly gives the presence of caring for oneself, valuing oneself, and saying to the world I can do it all. 

Love, Gretchen


  1. Love five minute makeover! Great reminder to take the time to get ready in the morning.

    1. Thank you so much Teia for checking out my blog. I agree. In the morning all you need is to look put together not perfect. Five minutes is all you need to do just that. Thank you again for dropping by. Hope you can drop by again soon. Don't forget to like my page.


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