DIY - Beauty for the Home

I have always been a blue collar girl. To be honest I do not know how to be anything else but then again I consider that a privilege. It has allowed me a greater appreciation for everything. I truly find beauty and greatness in even the smallest of things.

Here is a fun blue collar find I found beauty in.

Well I got to tell you being a beauty blogger has its benefits but not always it storage. It is not always easy thing to find a great affordable storage item. Especially when I don't want to compromise my beauty room by adding cold plastic bins. Not cute. So I decided to drive over to the Salvation Army Store to see what unique affordable item would help in my dilemma.

Here is what I found:

I found a old DVD rack with no shelves. Yes, not shelves but hey it was only $6. Cool huh? I know it is not cute but all I thought of  was "it will do the job" and "its wood not plastic". Simple minded right? Well sometimes we have to be just that and let everything else unfold.
This is what unfolded:

Cute huh? It is as simple as a white paint primer, white and pink wood craft paint, and my cool shelves. What are my shelves? They are 3 layers of thick cardboard cut and glued together with a gift bag to line them. Yes, a gift bag. Cool huh?
What do you think?
Do you have a blue collar beauty for the home to share? Share the love.
Until next time. Be beautiful always.
Love, Gretchen