Glitter Fixes Everything

Have you ever seen your favorite beauty guru show off the latest amazing nail color trend and you felt you had to have it? You run to the store and buy it. Amazing feeling right? You didn't think you would be able to find it and now you are like YEESSSSSS!!

Now here is the thing. One coat, two coat, oh my.... the color is streaky. I mean the color is absolutely beautiful so what now? Just add glitter. Yes, glitter.

A glitter top coat will cover any streakiness, and any unevenness in the color. You do not lose your financial investment, you can still use the color you love, you look amazingly trendy, and no one knows the difference.

Try it this weekend and tell me your favorite glitter combos. My favorite glitter is the Pure Ice color called Its Complicated. It's a beautiful glitter of different sizes and colors. Gorgeous.

Until next time. Remember its beautiful to shop smart. Check out eBates before shopping your favorite stores.

Love, Gretchen