Review - Paradise Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Thera Vita

It is truly a privilege to review and rate items for you. It is a voice I created here because of my love for beauty and all it brings. I must confess there are times I get a rash, get tummy aches and it is not fun but it is all for the love of beauty.

Allowing my voice to connect with a product, service, or business is something I take with great honor because I know it is my voice, and it is me. So it brings my heart great trouble when I have to bring a negative rating. It is literally a full circle of what to say or not to say. So after a long sit down over a couple days I write my review with a clear head, not emotional but professional opinion.

Here is my latest review for Paradise Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Thera Vita. A organic coconut oil that can be used to treat hair, skin, and even cook. Many of us know the amazing benefits of using coconut oil for our DIY skin and hair care because its rich benefits and natural nutrients. Now we also use it to cook our favorite foods. It is truly a nutritional  and most beneficial oil. It is truly a staple in my home. When I received the opportunity to review this one I was truly excited. I have known of its benefits and felt this was a amazing opportunity as a beauty blogger to have this privilege. Unfortunately as many beauty bloggers will tell you.... not all reviews are amazing.

Here is the breakdown of my experience:

On June 4th 2014 I received a notification I was going to be reviewing Paradise Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Thera Vita.

June 30th 2014 I received a notification that the item was going to be delayed.

On August 1st, 2014 I received a notification saying the item was sent.

On August 12th 2014 I received my item.

On August 12th 2014 I opened my package only to find the product was totally liquefied. While I do know oil and butters tend to arrive with a slight softness to the top of the product from shipping but I never had one arrive all liquid. I decided it was best to let it set for 30 minutes. Within that time I noticed a off smell. A sour smell. It smelled like it had been expired or simply bad. I gave it to my 23 year old daughter to let her try and she too thought it smelled bad. The product was simply expired.

On August 13th 2014 I notified the company of the possible breakdown of the product and smell.

Today August 18th 2014 (today) I find myself here. Two months later trying to do my best to give you a honest, honorable, and caring negative review because I believe good or bad this review will serve as a training tool for the company as well. There is nothing wrong with errors or mistakes if we use it as a way to improve our businesses. And it is my hope this serves as a way to improve the product.

Unfortunately I don't recommend you buy this product. Don't buy, don't share, and don't waste your money. For the price point and supposed quality there are better products in the market. You can even find a great coconut oil in your nearest grocery store. Because of the popularity of coconut oils they are becoming more available in most groceries stores too. A affordable, quality one is most liked a short drive away. So take a drive and check those isles and let me know what you find.

Until next time... remember its beautiful to shop smart. So check out eBates before shopping your favorite stores.

Love, Gretchen