Sharing Love - It Wraps with Darcel White

I love to share the love to people I know love their business, reflect positivity, and are a true reflection of beauty. Here is that proud beautiful entrepreneur.

I recently met Darcel White. A single mommy of three and proud entrepreneur. She is a Executive Distributor with ItWorks Global. You know those crazy wraps that take inches off you and can transform your body in a matter of 4 treatments? You know what I am talking about. It is the latest health craze. If you have not heard the buzz where have you been?

It Works is a health, beauty and lifestyle phenomena. Showcasing those infamous wraps to skin care products to health aids. All in order to kick start your health to where it should be. It is truly taking the world by storm.

Well I had the privilege of trying one of those crazy wraps and have to say I am a believer.

Lose inches and it gave me a kick start and motivation I needed to keep It off.

Impressive products, impressive lady... so I had to share some love.

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So if you interested in trying that crazy wrap thing your seeing everywhere give her a shout.

Tell her Gretchen sent you with love.

Until next time... remember take care of yourself. The world needs you.

Love, Gretchen