Fun New Find

I love my home. Every inch is a reflection on that love. One of the things I love to do in freshen it up with fragrance.

I add a little lavender essential oil to a little baking powder and dust it lightly over my carpet and then vacuum to freshen my room after  long day.

Another great thing I have discovered lately to freshen and relax a room is changing out my tissue paper. Yes, tissue paper. I have discovered the Chamomile scent in Charmin. It is such a soft, beautiful scent and just makes home feel to clean and refreshed. And not too mention it is perfect for makeup removal, and so gentle on those stuffy noses.

I know this is not one of my traditional beauty product reviews but I see love for home, love for self, and love for others... all as beautiful.

Received my sample from #bzzagent #charmin

Until next time. Remember take care of yourself. The world needs you.
Love, Gretchen