Shout Out - Mommy Business

It gives me great honor to showcase women owned businesses. As a mother of four myself I just love to see empowered women who love their families, love their business and are a true reflection of grace. That is why it brings me such great honor to showcase in the month of November the independent consultant Mara Lewis from Mary & Martha. Mara is such a beautiful women of God and I just love her and I know you will adore her too. Here is a little about this lovely women and a little about the amazing company she represents.


My name is Mara Lewis and I am consultant with Mary & Martha, a mom of three girls under six, a wife, a insurance claims adjuster, a friend - a normal lady trying to balance the stress of life with the pursuit of God’s will. I’m thrilled to introduce Mary & Martha to you! 

Mary & Martha is about getting back to basics and the true meaning of bringing people into your home - to honor, love and support each other in casual comfort. This is where the heart-to-heart stuff happens. Our homes are havens where we can share with one another to ease life’s burdens and celebrate its joys. 

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